Client Work

Commissioned projects on various surfaces

Photo by Kyle Redington for Hansen's

Louis Vuitton hand-painted trunk stack, 2018.

Google campus, Building 43 lobby. April, 2021

Slow and Low

In 2018, Ricky was hired by Hansen's to create an original painting on their vintage Volkswagen. The bus was parked in the middle of Shaun White’s Air + Style Festival in Los Angeles. Ricky spent two days bringing the van to life in front of thousand's of festival goers. The bus then became a promotional vehicle for future events and trade shows.

*Disclaimer for VW purists: prior to painting, the bus was completely wrapped in removable matte white vinyl. No part of the vehicle was harmed during the painting process.

Youtube Headquarters, San Bruno, CA. 2017

Flying Frog Academy, 2014